Inspiration Pathway

As part of the Inspiration Trust, we are proud to be able to play a part in offering the children of Thetford an excellent curriculum from the age of 3 all the way through until they are 18 years old, through working in partnership with Diamond Academy, Thetford Academy and Thomas Paine Sixth Form.

At Queensway Infant Academy and Nursery we aim to ensure that pupils have a smooth transition and are comfortable and ready for their next key stage before they start school in September. 

We welcome pupils into the school on our transitions days in the summer term before they start with us in the September. This offers an opportunity for pupils to meet their peers and teachers, as well as get a feel for the layout of the school. 

We work particularly closely with our sister school, Diamond Academy over the academic year, providing a transition programme that includes cross curricular and key stage lessons, reading buddies, sports ambassadors and our staff work together to help our pupils build their understanding of the changes ahead. 

When pupils are ready to transition to Key Stage 3, Diamond Academy works together with the local secondary schools, particularly our sister school, Thetford Academy, to ensure that our pupils are ready to make the next step on their learning journey and are feeling confident and comfortable about going to secondary school.

Similarly to our sister schools, we teach our pupils a follow-on curriculum that prepares them for their bright futures. 

Our work on curriculum is nationally recognised. We believe in the power of knowledge and offer a knowledge-rich curriculum in our schools. Giving all our pupils access to a high-quality education and the best possible opportunities is key to social justice and narrows the achievement gap for our most disadvantaged pupils.  

With subject-specific knowledge at its heart, our curriculum is both inclusive and ambitious. Our teachers also draw on the latest evidence and research about what works in the classroom so our pupils can reach their full potential and achieve excellent outcomes. Where pupils have special educational needs, we also adapt our curriculum and teaching approaches to ensure all pupils can achieve and access the curriculum successfully.  

Alongside an academic, knowledge-rich curriculum, we also offer high-quality enrichment in our schools, placing a high value on the arts, sport, and cultural pursuits.

Our teachers and schools are also supported by our central education team. Our team of Central Subject Leads are curriculum specialists that provide dedicated support to our schools. We also use our Central Subject Leads to provide additional capacity to our schools to develop the curriculum. 

At the heart of our curriculum and teacher development strategy are our subject communities, which allow school subject leaders to come together and play a key part in developing and evaluating our curriculum. Our subject communities mean that our curriculum is always growing, changing, and developing. Find out more about our curriculum and our central education team.

Gareth Stevens, CEO of Inspiration Trust said: 

“As a Trust, we are dedicated to providing the children of our county with the best possible education and opportunities and we are delighted to be able to offer even more children within Thetford access to the high-quality education they deserve.  


With Diamond Academy and Queensway Infant Academy and Nursery now part of Inspiration Trust alongside Thetford Academy and Thomas Paine Sixth Form, the children of Thetford will be able to experience a continuous curriculum which is not only nationally-recognised, but will provide them with a smoother transition throughout school life from as little as 3 years old right up until they are 18.” 

The working partnership between the schools is strong, providing the children within these schools with more opportunities than ever before. Sports teachers from the secondary school and sixth form support sports day and provide enrichment and extracurricular activities.  

The Trust’s keen emphasis on the arts and music sees the schools share performances and cultural experiences. The transition between the schools as children move through their school journeys is made ever-more easier and familiar with Thomas Paine students coming into the primary school as Reading Volunteers, and through the group of school’s Transition Programme and spiral curriculum which makes each child feel confident in moving on.